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Fiberglass Sheet Fabrication - Machining of Fiberglass sheet and shapes, G10, FR4 Epoxy Glass Micarta Laminate

Fiberglass Fabrication - Machining of Fiberglass, G10, FR4 Epoxy Glass Micarta Laminate
We have been fabricating and machining fiberglass sheet for over 40 years. From fiberglass skateboards, to routing circuit boards, to race car frames, to machining G10 tubing with 0.020" wall +-.005 tolerance.

Our CNC machines (we have 6 different CNC routers and a 10ft x 10ft CNC saw for large cutting of fiberglass sheet) are ready for your job. We can work from a print or a pencil sketch. OK, we prefer a CAD file or engineering drawing. With modern machines and efficient dust collection, we are a premier fiberglass fabrication facility with award winning work.

Current projects include stabilizer panels for supporting fill areas on highways, Micarta insulator panels, corrugated algae growing plates that feed abalone on the Big Island, to itty bitty parts that you can hold in your palm.

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